Ramadan: The Blessed Guest

Know your Guest

A Ramadan Guide for whole family * Ramadan: The Month of blessing * Ramadan: The Month of Quran * Ramadan: The Month of comforting other (sharing and caring) * Ramadan: The Month of forgiveness * Ramadan: The Month of Sabr (patience)

During the month of Ramadan, Allah revealed the first verses of the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam

Ramadan is the (month) in which the Qur’an was sent down , as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). Quran 2:185

Narrated Abu Bakr The Prophet said, “The two months of ‘Id i.e. Ramadan and Dhul-Hijja, do not decrease (in superiority).”

Narrated Abu Huraira Allah’s Apostle said, “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.”

For parents:

  • Revise your knowledge. Collect/recite/memorize from the Quran and Hadith related with Fasting/Ramadan.
  • Read the books in your collection.
  • Buy new books. Ramadan is the best time to increase your books in collection.

For children:

  • Teach them reference from the Quran and Hadith.
  • For elderly kids, encourage them to memorize verses/hadiths.
    • Quran- Surah Al-Bakarah: 183. 185-187
    • Quran- Surah Al-Qadr
  • Try to teach the younger kids some small phrases related with Ramadan (as found in the Quran and Hadith)

    • Short verses from the Quran
      • Kutiba alaikumus siyamu
        Fasting is prescribed for you
        kama kutiba alal lazina min kablikum As it was prescribed those before you
        la alla kum tattakun
        So that you may be God-fearing
        – Quran Surah Al-Bakarah: 183
      • Shahru ramdanul lazi unzila fihil quran. The month of Ramadan is that in which the Quran was revealed
        -Quran Surah Al-Bakarah: 185
      • *Inna anjalnaahu fi lailatul qadr. * Indeed we have sent this (the Quran) in the Night of Power
        – Quran Surah Al-Qadr:1
      • *Lailatul qadre kharum min alfe shhar. * The Night of Power is better then a thousand months.
        – Quran Surah Al-Qadr:2
    • Short Hadith – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described the month of Ramadan as follow):

      • Shahrun Ajim. A Great month.
      • Shahrun Mubarakan. A Blessed month.
      • Fihi lailatun khairum min alfe shahar In it (Ramadan) is a night which is better than a thousand Months.
      • Hua shahrus sabru. Assabru abuhul jannath. It (month of Ramadan) is month of sabr (patience) and Patient leads to paradise.
      • Shahrul muasati. It (month of Ramadan) is month of comforting other (sharing and caring)
      • Shahrun yujadu fihi rizkul mumin. In this month (Ramadan) Allah increase the provisions (rizik) of believers
      • Shahrun aualuhu rahmatun. First part of this month (Ramadan) is of blessing
      • wa ausatuhu magfiratun. Middle part of this month (Ramadan) is of forgiveness
      • wa akhiruhu ityumminan nar. Last part of this month (Ramadan) is of salvation from hell (fire)
      • Iza kana awalu lailatum min Shahri ramdana sufidatis shaitan. As soon as the first night of Ramadan comes, Allah chains the devil.
      • Innas sawma yamnau min malazzin nafse. Indeed fasting controls the bad deeds (greediness, selfishness, miserliness etc) of yourself.
      • As siyamu khunnatun. Fasting is shield (from all bad deeds)
  • Buy new books suitable for your children.

  • Buy educational activities for your children.

  • Give your children link to some Islamic sites to get resources on Ramadan.

For the Whole Family:

  • Organize family gatherings for collective discussion.
  • Post posters with quotations regarding Ramadan.

Welcoming your guest

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommended fasting in the month of Shaban as a preparation for fasting in the month of Ramadan.

  • Get prepared.
  • Create Ramadan Mood
  • Make special supplication (Dua)

For parents:

  • Revise your knowledge about the Fiqh of Sawm.
  • Plan ahead for the change in daily routine. If needed, adjust your work, sleep and meal schedules in such a way as to make time for Suhoor, Iftar, etc.

  • Call a family meeting before Ramadan. Explain the importance of Ramadan, its implications for the family and the need to eat Iftar together when possible as well as to attend Tarawih prayers.

For Children

  • Plan ahead for your kids.
  • Make a short syllabus for them.
  • Talk to their teacher for a presentation on Ramadan in their class.
  • If they are overwhelmed with schooling, home-works-ask them how you can help them.
  • Teach the Fiqh of Sawm to your children.
  • Discuss the importance & Significance of Ramadan.
    Subjects suggested: Moon-sighting, Why fasting, Fasting in different religions, Takwa, Lailaul Qadr, The Quran, Rituals of Sawm- Niyah for Sawm, Suhur, Iftar, Tarawee, Iteqaf, Caring and sharing in the month of Ramadan, Medical implications of Fasting, Zakat-ul Fitr, Eid-ul Fitr etc

  • Give some gift to your kids to create enthusiasm.
    Example: An alarm clock to wake up for Suhur, Ramadan DVD/VHSCD –Example: Adam’s World 9: Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan special staffs- Example: Ramadan Banner, Ramadan Napkins, etc

For Whole family

  • Make resolution to make a change in your family. Example: This Ramadan our family as a whole will finish reading the whole Quran. Sponsor an orphan in Ramadan.
  • Take the opportunity of discussing about Ramadan with your neighbours.
  • Plan to invite your neighbour for Iftar. If it is not possible to invite them, share some Iftar meal with them.
  • Plan Iftar party for family and friends for Dawa.
  • Plan to attend Tarawee, Iftar Parties in Mosque.
  • Make special supplication (Dua) so that Allah accept your forthcoming Ramadan the best ever Ramadan in each and every member of your family.
  • Make special supplication (Dua) for good health and mood for every member of your family.
  • Send some ‘Ramadan Greeting Cards’ to your friends, neighbour and family members residing in other countries/places. Ramadan Greeting Cards’ are available in Islamic stores. However it would be nice to prepare some hand made cards by children.

Treat your guest well

Whoever fasts solely for the pleasure of Allah will distance his/her face the seventy years from the Hell Fire.
(An agreed upon Hadith: narrated by Abu Said al-Khudri)

He/she who does not refrain from speaking falsehood and acting by it, Allah does not require of him to give up eating and drinking.
(Bukhari:narrated by Abu Huraira)

  • Make sincere intention.
  • Abstain from all the things that nullify fasting.
  • Observe the rituals of fasting sincerely. Eating pre-dawn-meal (Suhur), Breaking the Fast as soon as possible after sunset and Making Dua after Iftar.
  • Be modest in eating and cooking.
  • Avoid all deeds that would spoil the benefits of fasting. Backbiting, using foul language, giving false testimony, misuse of eyes and other senses, losing one’s temper, etc
  • Read, study and memorize verses from the Quran.
  • Give more concentration for other compulsory worships (Daily prayer, Paying Zakat)
  • Try to remember Allah in all actions. Do more Zikrullah.
  • Do more Supplications (Dua).
  • Pay Sadaqa.
  • Try to do perform more Nafl prayers. Tahazzud, Tarawee.
  • Be more diligent in worship during the last ten days of Ramadan. Iteqaf, Lailatul Qadr.
  • Umrah during Ramadan.
  • Zakat-ul Fitr

For Children

  • Encourage them to read and learn more about Islam. Encourage them to read/recite/memorize verses from the Quran. If they cannot read the Quran start teaching the Arabic from this Ramadan. Treat them with gifts when they are doing so.
  • For grown up children encourage them to fast for the whole month of Ramadan. If they are doing so treat them with gifts.
  • For younger children, who are not in the age for compulsory Fasting, encourage them by allowing to fast for a part of the day.
  • Involve them in different Islamic activities during Ramadan. Example: Ramadan competition
  • Encourage them to do some voluntary work. Iftar party, Tarawee prayer, Eid congregation etc
  • Encourage them to participate in fundraising for the needy and poor.
  • Encourage them not to spoil valuable moments in the month of Ramadan. In Ramadan turn off TV and control video games (at least for a week), and encourage your children to do Islamic projects or any other creative work.

For whole family

  • Try to gather all member of the family at time of Suhur and Iftar. While waiting for Iftar or waiting for Fajr prayer after suhur let one family member recite from the Quran or lead the dua.
  • Help each other during study, cooking, suhur, Iftar

Bid Farewell to your guest

  • Pay Zakat-ul-Fitr
  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) decreed that a special charity of breaking the fastbe given to the poor and needy as a mean to purifying one’s Nafs from the possibility of having uttered vain talk while fasting and as a way of helping who are in need. (Abu Dawood: narrated by Ibn Abbas ( R )
  • Ask forgiveness from Allah for any shortcoming in observing fasting during Ramadan.
  • Take vow to keep the teachings and sprits of sawm for the rest of your life.
  • Observe Eid-ul-Fitr with great enthusiasm. Hope for the best from Allah (SWT) – the Most Merciful.